Supported by educational institutions, organizations, human services and social agencies, businesses, and corporations (non-profit and for profit). Current supporters include:

 ¨ ICAP, Inc.

        (Intergenerational Community  Alliances & Programs, Inc.)


¨ Charly Productions Event Planners


¨ Underground Railroad Camps for Children,      
   youth, and Families


¨ Center for College Admissions, Counseling & Placement, Inc.


¨ Pan African Federation Corporation, Inc.

 Principal Founders

Dr. Robert R. Byrd
Ms. Sandra D. Lawrence
Ms. Jacqueline J. Wiggins

Contact Information
Ms. Sandra D. Lawrence
(215) 221- 4249

The mission of The Esteem Building Institute is to provide a series of services to children, youth, and families focusing on esteem development, a critical facet of productive human development to include: race, self, emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural, spiritual, and social esteem  programming



       ¨   Violence is linked to low self-esteem.

     ¨   Research on incarcerated youth and adults shows a consistent 
          pattern of  low self-worth

¨   Low-self-esteem is a major factor of substance abuse.


   Teen suicide and murder related to 
depression is connected to



¨   A growing proportion of suicides are committed by Afrikan
    American males. 

Approximately 45 % of Afrikan American women have never


¨  Academic under achievement is a major factor of low esteem.


¨ Family Esteem Workshop

Children & Youth Workshops

History and Culture Education

Mother, Father & Couples

Kinship, Adoptive, Foster, 
Birth & Extended)

Marriage and Family Seminars

Entrepreneurial Think Tank

Study of the Nguzu Saba

Life Skills Coaching

Career Development Guidance

Rites of Passage Training

Teacher Enrichment Seminars

Corporate Diversity Training

Evaluation & Assessment Consults

¨ Story Telling & Speakers Network

The Esteem Building Institute offers  professional support and unique approaches to the building and enhancement of individual self worth, community, family, educational and professional esteem. Esteem is the missing factor needed to repair emotional, spiritual, mental and physical trauma, domestic violence, substance abuse, incarceration, foster care system, spiraling academic under-achievement, marriage and family dysfunction, spiritual disconnection and unemployment. Esteem motivates growth and development. Individual, family, and group esteem consults using a cadre of trained experts.  Producer of the best selling historical  album/cd “Black Rhapsody "and co-authored “The Journey of the Songhai People” considered by universities as a foundational history book.  His work includes documentaries for television and commissioned projects funded by multiple corporations.




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