“All life is interrelated.

The agony of the poor impoverishes the rich:

the betterment of the poor enriches the rich.

We are inevitably our brother’s keeper because

we are our brother’s brother. 

Whatever effects one directly affects all indirectly”

(Martin Luther King, Jr.  ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’)


"By God's grace, all will be well"

Intergenerational Community Alliances & Programs, Inc. is non-for-profit organizations formed in 2001 to provide social service, educational, cultural supports to communities. It will create or partner with multiple programs to advance the quality of life for human kind.

ICAP, will build upon the skills of organizations to support sustainable improvements  using collaborations for capacity building to improve distressed life conditions. The program takes a team network approach to establishing tools for organizational development.  


Assistance includes but is not limited to, capacity building strategies.  Such strategies include:


·    Research and needs assessment

·    Grant writing and grant management assistance

·    Third party evaluation teams

·    Building strategic relationships to embrace “organizational capacity


·    Present communities with the tools necessary to manage &/or

     rejuvenate projects

Provide adequate assistance to organizations as needed to keep them in the philanthropic loop and direct their future influence on the communities they are pledged to serve.  The result will be that a good seed is planted ensuring a bountiful harvest.

         ·    Provide preventive & interceptive aid for organizational self-sufficiency

     ·    Provide training and support

     ·   Enhance organizational productivity

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