Dr. Joseph Crumbley, Adoption Therapist, "A delightful addition of suggested books useful to therapists and social workers in pre/post adoptive services. It not only explains why a single parent might want to adopt, it goes a long way toward normalizing alternative lifestyles, like single parent households. It also redefines family strengths to include the extended family."

Carolyn Johnson, Executive Director, National Adoption Center,
"This book is a welcome addition to adoption literature for children. It tackles the very common issue of single parent adoption, in particular single women adopting boys. It will be helpful for not only adopted children, but their parents and extended families. "We are Family" handles adoption issues in a very sensitive, caring way and stresses the love and warmth of being part of an adoptive family circle.

Joe Kroll, Executive Director, NACAC,
"I found the book to be a warm, lighthearted and refreshing story about an African American adoptive family. We need more such reading material to share within the adoptive circle. I look forward to reading the next book in the series..."

Reverend James S. Allen, D.D, Pastor,
Vine Memorial Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA,
Her dedication to the cause of womanhood has led her to put together a book that has the potential to inspire not only women, but men who will read it with an open heart and mind. Flowered with testimonies from various sources, Sandra has, in a very non-technical manner, presented a challenge to women to live through times of stress and difficulties with a steady faith that God is ever present in the day walks of life.  She has assured all of that the promises of God are not empty rhetoric, but solid commitments.  In the process, she has revealed herself to others in a manner that can be inspiring and motivating to the degree that we are all encouraged to live lives based on the Word of God, and not on what life appears to be at the moment of stress and pain. 

Reverend Sandra Reed, Pastor,
St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Newtown, PA

What a great book! It touches at both the heart and soul.  Reading it encourages you to hold on in the middle of your storm no matter how difficult it may be.  The author reminds you that the Lord will see you through every challenge and often in miraculous ways.  It is a wonderful reminder that the Lord can and does us Christian sisters to encourage us on the journey of life.  Humorous, easing, encouraging reading.  I cannot recommend it enough. It is 


Lois Hayman-EL, Elder,
First African Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA 
" Weaving The Threads of Faith... Sisterly Encouragement 1" offers unique pictures of how faith "is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  (Hebrews 11:1).  The stories reveal that God calls women to the special ministry of mentoring.  Often the hardest thing for the Christian women to do is to trust that there is really nothing to hard for God.  Many times instead of taking burdens to the altar and leaving them there, we pick them back up and try to "fix them".  The encouraging passages shows that God does not promise us smooth sailing.  He does promise that we will not weather storms alone.  They recount how we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.  All we have to do is let go and wait for Him to fix it.  As the song says, "Let Jesus fix it for you.  He knows just what to do.  Whenever you pray, let Him have his way, and He will fix it for you."

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